Mental health

About Mental Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) conceptualizes mental health as a “state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own
abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”.
Mental disorders and psychoactive substance-related disorders are highly prevalent throughout the world and are major contributors to morbidity,
disability, and premature mortality. However, the resources allocated by countries to tackle this burden are insufficient, are inequitably distributed,
and, at times, inefficiently used. Together, this has led to a treatment gap that, in many countries, is more than 70%. The stigma, social exclusion, and
discrimination that occur around people with mental disorders compound the situation.


We are here to help you

 We are a leading provider of mental health services in the UK.


Discrete and confidential

Our teams provide a safe, empathic, and non-judgmental environment in which you can talk to our professional about your mental health difficulties.

Effective treatment

In 2020, 89 percent of our clients will have noticed a considerable improvement.

No waiting lists

When you’re ready, you can schedule an initial consultation with one of our therapists within 24 hours.

We’re here to help you no matter where you are in life

We are all affected by mental illness. And we at YMH believe that everyone should have access to help.

It might be tough to know where to turn at times. Everyone is unique, and our mental health requirements will vary based on who we are, our circumstances, and the difficulties we confront.

We have the skills to help you thrive and stay well, whatever your situation, with a wide range of treatments from trusted mental health specialists.

Treatment and recovery

Would you like to speak with one of our сonsultants?

We’ll work with you to talk about what brought you to therapy and how we can best serve you or your loved ones in the future.

Do you require immediate assistance or support?

Try to speak to someone right away if you are distressed or depressed. Please dial 999 if you or anybody else is in immediate danger.

Online counseling with a guide

Supported by competent accredited сonsultants, online tools and learning modules are available. Get the tools and strategies you need to be your own сonsultant and avoid repeated issues.

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