Emotional health is just as vital as physical health, but it’s sometimes disregarded. Your emotional and physical well-being are, in fact, inextricably intertwined and have a substantial impact on one another.

We specialize in providing efficient psychological treatments to assist you in overcoming obstacles (such as anxiety and depression) and resuming your daily activities. We accomplish this by collaborating with you as a group to:

recognize the issues you’re having; agree on what you want to achieve; and assist you in achieving your objectives by providing the appropriate treatment – Because we tailor the treatment to your specific needs, the assistance you receive will be one-of-a-kind.

We are committed to offering a high-quality service with long-term good results. In 2020, we will have completed 86,600 treatment sessions, equating to 5.1 million treatment minutes. Patients who completed treatment reported an improvement in their emotional well-being in 98 percent (9/10) of cases.

If you’re dealing with a long-term physical health issue, you’re three times more likely to be dealing with emotional issues as well. There’s a lot of data to suggest that if you have a physical health problem as well as emotional issues, recovering from your physical health problem is more difficult.

We understand this, and we can provide you with competent psychological consultant to help you before, during, and after your physical health treatment.

This evaluation is used to determine the best treatment option for you. You’ll get the chance to meet with a skilled consultant, speak about your problems, and decide together on the best strategy to reach your objectives.

The goal is for you and your expert to work together to meet your therapeutic objectives. These will be determined during your first session, during which you will discover thought and behavior patterns that may be creating your problems and devise a systematic strategy for moving forward.

The homework or field work projects that you and your consultant devise are an important element of the treatment. These may include reading material or particular assignments that allow you to practice skills or gradually tackle your concerns with your consultant’s help and advice.

Through a solution-focused and goal-oriented approach, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you address problems and change the way you think and feel. Techniques used in cognitive behavioral therapy include:

Unhelpful thoughts or beliefs are challenged and replaced with more helpful ones.
Getting back into activities that you enjoy
Exercises in mindfulness
Assertiveness with a graded exposure
Specific situational skills training
Techniques for relaxation
CBT’s success is contingent on your active engagement and dedication to your treatment. Regular attendance and completion of homework will substantially improve the effectiveness of therapy.

There’s always the possibility that your troubles will resurface after you’ve been discharged. As a result, your CBT sessions will also include relapse prevention skills and strategies, so you’ll be prepared to deal with your symptoms as soon as they reappear. That’s why, even if you’re feeling better, you should continue to practice your CBT skills.

An initial appointment with your matched psychologist will help you determine whether or not therapy is right for you. After the initial appointment, you are not obligated to attend any other sessions. Our clients frequently find that this first encounter aids them in determining what they require and whether the psychologist to whom they have been assigned is the best fit for them.

Our online questionnaire is part of your initial evaluation, and it was created to help us match you with the proper psychologist based on your current problems, requirements, history, and therapeutic goals. When you opt to book an initial consultation with your preferred psychologist, we will only share the information you supply with them.

We’re all facing depression, it comes without warning and we never can tell when it appears next time. That’s why we created this service – online talking/video chat, just for you.

Choose what suits you best, video call or chat, and then after pressing the button BOOK NOW choose a convenient date and time.

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