Guided Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Get convenient, professional mental health support delivered online, with support from our consultants.

Led by you, supported by experts

Our guided online therapy programme gives you the tools to improve your mental health, with the support of a our expert.

One of our consultant will guide you through an online therapy programme, helping you to develop the tools to act as your own сonsultant and prevent
problems reoccurring.

What can guided online therapy help with?

  • Distressing thoughts
  • Dealing with stress
  • Lifestyle choices such as diet, sleep and exercise
  • Communication and relationships
  • Understanding feelings
  • Sleep
  • Anger
  • Employment and self-esteem.

What does guided online therapy involve?

You’ll have access to an online, cognitive behaviour therapy based, support platform. The platform will be matched to the difficulties you are experiencing. This platform will guide you through learning modules to manage and improve your mental health. In addition you can access as many support sessions with a mental health specialist as you need.

Contact can be by phone, videoconference, email or a combination of all three. As with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy the aim is to give you the tools and techniques to act as your own сonsultant and prevent re-occurrence of your problem.

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